About us

EST is the exclusive distributor in Saudi Arabia for mobily long term products (voice and data semi cards, internet devices branded mobily).

EST will expand its work with moibly in 2016 to include all Mobil portfolio of products.

Wholesale & retail of pstn (fixed lines) cards and internet routers.

EST is distributor for Huawei mobile broadband internet devices in Saudi Arabia for independent retailers – mass market and specialized it markets.

EST specializes in providing a distinctive service that helps to provide the finest services and provide comfort to the customer
Wholesale and distribution services to key partners, such as Mobily, Atheeb (Go) and Huawei.
Offer key products – like PSTN (Fixed Lines) Cards and Internet Routers – directly to customers
Supply Chain Management
Optimize supply chain to deliver values of loyalty and substantial margins.
Business Development
Develop on producing new products and opportunities to expand distribution reach,