Medical equipment


WEAVER, USA - EEG and ECG Gels and pastes for Cardiac Rehabilitation, Cardio-diagnostics Sleep Diagnostics, Electro-neuro-diagnostics, website:

GARDHEN BILANCE, ITALY - Leading manufacturer in the field of the electro-medical equipment supplies and in the building of weighing systems for hospital uses. Our product line includes Beds scale for hemodialysis, Hospital beds, Weighing systems for hospital beds, Armchairs scale for hemodialysis, Armchair for day hospital, transfusion, chemotherapy, Tilt Test®, Website:

TECNOMED NETHERLAND - Manufacturer of Disposable and Reusable Concentric EMG Needle Electrodes, Disposable/Reusable EEG Needle Electrodes with/ without connecting wire, Disposable/Reusable Monopolar EMG Needle Electrodes, Ear Clip, Surface, and Nasopharyngeal Electrodes, EEG Cup Electrodes.Website:

XXL REHAB, DENMARK - Manufacturer of strongly engineered and functionally designed and have a weight capacity of 325 kg. Our product portfolio consists of wheelchairs, shower commodes, shower benches, patient/dinner chairs, wheeled walkers, walking frames, canes, lift, slings as well as both low air loss and alternating mattresses. Website: